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Title: Ascending
Label: MGM
Record Number: SE-4569
Release Date: 1968
Personnel (in alphabetical order): (name deleted), Eric Gulliksen, Jack McKennes, Harry Sandler
Producer: Alan Lorber - to read his bio, click here
Engineer: Eddie Smith
Recorded at: Mayfair Studios, NYC
Peak Billboard Chart Position: #159

Available for digital download from eMusic, iTunes, amazon.com, msnMusic, Napster and Rhapsody.
Reissued 2006 for digital download by Iris Music Group.
Remixed, remastered and reissued on CD in 2009 by Iris Music Group. Physical CD product (IMG-460) can be ordered here.

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Song Title
I'll Fly (original)           (2009 remix)
Just Got Back (original)          (2009 remix)
Mine's Yours (original)          (2009 remix)
Don't Be So Serious (original)          (2009 remix)
So Far Away In Love (original)          (2009 remix)
She's Not There (original)          (2009 remix)
Love Over Here (original))          (2009 remix)
Borneo (original)          (2009 remix)
Just A Little Bit (original)          (2009 remix)
Walk Away Renée (original)          (2009 remix)
Roses (original)          (2009 remix)
Magic Air (original)          (2009 remix)
(name deleted)
(name deleted)
(name deleted)
(name deleted)
(name deleted)-Gulliksen
arr. Orpheus
(name deleted)
Note: This album reached No. 10 in the 1969 Playboy Magazine Jazz & Pop Poll, Vocal Album of the Year Category.
  Click here to see the complete poll results.

Walk Away Renée was included in the anthologies
  Bosstown Sound - 1968: The Music And The Time  -  Ace Big Beat No. CDWIK2 167
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  Parade Of Broken Hearts 2  -  Iris Music Group IMG-331
I'll Fly was included in the anthology
  Get Easy! Sunshine Pop Collection  -  Universal Jazz No. 0440 0391912
Just Got Back was included in the anthology
  Boston Sound 1968 Revisited Vol. 2  -  Iris Music Group IMG-227
Just A Little Bit was included in the anthology
  Fire On Route 10, Volume 2  -  Iris Music Group IMG-530
Walk Away Renée, She's Not There, Borneo and Roses were included in the compilation
  The Best Of Orpheus - Iris Music Group IMG-319

COVER VERSIONS (click on the artist's name to hear a sound clip)

 Magic Air

    Orpheus Reborn  -  Part of a medley recorded live at Johnny D's Uptown Restaurant & Music Club, Somerville, MA,

All performances copyright 1968 by Alan Lorber Productions, Inc. / Iris Properties, Inc.
All songs © 1968 by Interval Music, Inc. / Iris Properties, Inc. except
No. 6: CPE Music / Marquis Music, and No. 10: Alley Music Corp. / Trio Music, Inc.

"Orpheus" is a Registered Trade Mark of the Iris Music Group; Reg. No. 3,466,258.
All rights reserved.

The following review has been excerpted from an article entitled Boston Groups - Second Time Around,

...With a highly successful tour of the United States under their belts, Orpheus is climbing the charts with their second LP which is titled Orpheus Ascending. Their first album, Orpheus, did extremely well in sales not only in the New England area but also throughout the entire United States. That LP contains such beautiful music that I never thought it would be possible for Orpheus to generate another album which would surpass or even equal their first; yet Harry Sandler, Jack McKennes, (name deleted) and John Eric (Snake) Gulliksen have done just that. The groups material is basically all original with the exception of two cuts, She's Not There and Walk Away Renée, both of which are done in unique and different arrangements as only Orpheus can do. Perhaps the most beautiful cut on their new album is Roses, a soft and tender ballad of love with the sound of the ocean in the background.

Harry Sandler, the percussion man for Orpheus, surprises us all on this new LP by singing his first composition entitled
Magic Air. Just A Little Bit, another beautiful ballad by (name deleted), creates an air of love and warmth which can only be done by Orpheus. Believe me, this recording (the entire album) is a masterpiece of music.

By Charles G. Martignette, Jr.