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Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band - Colwell-Winfield Blues Band

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The College Boys


DAVE BEABER gtrs, vcls A
ERIC GULLIKSEN 12 str gtr, bs, vcls A
JACK McKENNES banjo, bs, vcls A

1 The Man / Song Of The Traveller (Swan S-4166) 1963

Significant for containing pre-Orpheus members Jack McKennes and Eric Gulliksen, this is the group referred to in the liner notes for The Best Of Orpheus retrospective CD as The Wanderers. A tribute to the late JFK, the record was produced by Tom Zagryn and Eric Gulliksen, and recorded in the cellar of a fraternity house on a Webcor tape recorder. Eric recalls: "As we already had a relationship with the Swan label via The Blue Echoes, we trotted it down to Philadelphia and Swan jumped on it thinking they would make a bundle. However, no Kennedy records made it in the US; people (and rightly so) just didn't want to see someone make money from the tragedy of JFK's death. For many years, though, Tom and I received air play royalties (in small amounts) from the four corners of the earth".

(Max Waller w/thanks to Eric Gulliksen)

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