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(Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess - Ultimate Spinach
Baroque #1 - Ultimate Spinach
Fragmentary March Of Green - Ultimate Spinach
Can't Find The Time - Orpheus
Walk Away Renée - Orpheus
Brown Arms In Houston - Orpheus
Tomorrow Man - Orpheus
South End Incident - Beacon Street Union
The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens - Beacon Street Union
Mayola - Beacon Street Union
Kickin' It Back - Beacon Street Union as "Eagle"
Come In It's All For Free - Beacon Street Union as "Eagle
Off With The Old - Chamaeleon Church
In A Kindly Way - Chamaeleon Church
The World Has Just Begun - Ultimate Spinach
Happiness Child - Ultimate Spinach
Eddie's Rush - Ultimate Spinach

Born Under A Bad Sign - Apple Pie Motherhood Band
Gypsy - Apple Pie Motherhood Band
Goodbye Girl - Eden's Children
Just Let Go - Eden's Children
Vacuum - Puff
Go With You - Puff
Bright Lit Blue Skies - Rockin' Ramrods
Can't You See - Rockin' Ramrods
Maybe More Than You - The Lost
Everybody Knows - The Lost
Mystic (Seven Starry Skies) - The Lost
Violet Gown - The Lost
Back On The Farm - Bagatelle
Everybody Knows - Bagatelle
Prophecies / Morning Blue - Front Page Review
Silver Children - Front Page Review
Valley Of Eyes - Front Page Review
In My Dark World - Ill Wind
High Flying Bird - Ill Wind
American Eagle Tragedy - Earth Opera
The Red Sox Are Winning - Earth Opera

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