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Here's A (Film) Song! © (You Might Have Missed), Vol. 6
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The Outlaw - John Sweeny
(from The Gardens Of The Night)
Little Sister - Orpheus
(From Marlowe)
Cycling - Alan Lorber Orchestra
(from ABC-TV's Hit The Surf)
(Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess - Ultimate Spinach
(from Monkey Warfare)
Can't Find The Time - Orpheus
(Original recording. Covered by Hootie & the Blowfish in Me, Myself & Irene)
Coupe De Ville - Sandy Allen
(from Joy Ride: Dead Ahead)
Wigglin' - Freddie Redd / Howard McGhee Quintet
(from The Connection)
I'll Stay With You - Orpheus
(from the ABC-TV special The Great Mating Game)
Upon The Earth - Illustration
(from Welcome To Holyland)
Mind Flowers - Ultimate Spinach
(from BBC-TV's Rush)
Image Of Love - Anthony Newley
(from Image Of Love)
Hit The Surf - Alan Lorber Orchestra & the Sea Shells
(from ABC-TV's Hit The Surf)
Pretend - The Cashmeres
(from Ice Grill USA)
Funny Freak Parade - Ultimate Spinach
(from the WGBH-TV documentary Making Sense Of The 60s)
Groupies Collage - The Groupies
(from Dynamite Chicken)
The Way Of Love - Susan Rafey
(from Welcome To Holyland

Compilation and Original Recordings produced by Alan Lorber.

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