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Something Called The Boston Sound
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Violet Gown - The Lost
Wanna Be Your Man - Rockin' Ramrods
Another Day - Phluph
Congress Alley - Orpheus
Got A Mind - Colwell-Winfield Blues Band
Reasons - Barbara Hudson & Ultimate Spinach III
Sweet Medusa - Bead Game
Eddie's Rush - Jeff Baxter & Ultimate Spinach III
Trees - Rockin' Ramrods / Puff
Here's A Song - Chevy Chase & Chamaeleon Church
You're Not Here - Listening
The World Has Just Begun - Ultimate Spinach III
Prophecies / Morning Blue - Front Page Review
Theme For The Masses - Ford Theater
Fragmentary March Of Green - Ultimate Spinach
American Eagle Tragedy - Earth Opera
Big Green Pearl - Stephen Martin

Compilation produced by Alan Lorber

Available on CD and for Digital Download from

The name "Orpheus" ® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Iris Music Group; Reg. No. 3,466,258.

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