Robert Emmet Dunlap - lead guitar and vocals
Lead guitarist Robert Emmet Dunlap is internationally recognized as a phenomenal artist. "Boston Bob" has performed and recorded with artists such as Delaney Bramlett, Dillon O'Brian, and Mary Black, toured with Noel Redding, and brings an entirely new dimension to Orpheus Reborn. His musical tastes and abilities are extremely eclectic, ranging from jazz standards through rock, blues, Irish, and American folk songs. Bob is also an accomplished songwriter. His song Mick Ryan's Lament has been released by a host of artists, including bluegrass great Tim O'Brien on the album Two Journeys.


Eric Gulliksen - bass guitar and vocals
Eric Gulliksen (known as "the Snake"), a founding member of Orpheus, contributes a unique bass guitar style, sound and artistry. He is a veteran of many rock bands and folk groups, and has been an independent record producer and promoter with performances or compositions released on at least twelve different labels in addition to those recorded with Orpheus. In recent years he has worked in 23 countries, been a music collector and archiver, and run a very popular mobile DJ service. He is also a writer, poet and lyricist, and an
inventor with 17 patents to his credit. For a more complete biography, click here.

Currently, he and Steve are recording and performing as a duo known as Stephen & the Snake.

Check out Snake's poetry at the Stephen & the Snake web site!


Stephen Martin - guitar, harmonica and vocals
Steve Martin, the "fifth voice" of the original Orpheus and a member of the group's "second incarnation," brings his wailing harp, guitar and "slithery" voice to the group. Called the "Poet Laureate" of Congress Alley (the controversial creative community in Worcester, MA), his incredible word imagery and strange melodies provide the foundation for much of the sound of Orpheus Reborn. His career has included touring with major artists as well as independent record production, and his songs and performances have been issued on many different labels in addition to his efforts with Orpheus. He is also a freelance writer and a political activist, very much involved in the struggle for Native American equality. For a more complete biography, click here.

Currently, he and Snake are recording and performing as a duo known as Stephen & the Snake.

Check out Steve's writing at the Stephen & the Snake web site!


Jack McKennes - guitar and vocals

Jack McKennes, a second founding member of the original Orpheus,
is "the consummate entertainer," rarely seen without his guitar. Much of his career since his days with Orpheus has been as a solo artist, encompassing folk music, rock and country. His solid guitar work and amazing tenor voice have never failed to captivate audiences, whether he was a member of a group or the only one on stage. Recently Jack has discovered an additional talent as a songwriter, and Orpheus Reborn features several of his compositions.


Harry Sandler - drums and vocals
Drummer Harry Sandler, another founding member of the original Orpheus, has spent his entire life in the entertainment business. In addition to his talents as a drummer, he is also an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, with a portfolio of well over a hundred songs. He has shared the stage with such notables as Dennis Quaid, Jeff Baxter, Al Stewart, David Soul, Hunter Thompson and Robin Williams, was "roadie" for Sha Na Na, "cue card boy" on Wheel of Fortune, and had a stint as a manager of a variety of television and movie stars. Harry was arguably the "sex symbol" of the original Orpheus, where his exuberant drum solos never failed to bring crowds to their feet.


Kathi Taylor - percussion, drums and vocals
Multitalented Kathi Taylor has brought far more than just a "touch of class" to Orpheus Reborn. She has a degree in Percussion from the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, and plays piano and guitar as well. Her skills with a wide range of percussive devices and effect generators add variety and complexity to the group's rhythm structure and instrumental melodic content, her clear alto expands and enhances the vocal arrangements, and her very presence helps to keep the group's "rowdy side" in check. In addition to being a world-class musician that has toured internationally, Kathi is also an accomplished fine artist, and has lent these considerable talents to
the creation of the group's collateral material.

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