The music of the original foursome was a precursor to today's "soft rock," characterized
by three-part vocal harmonies and interweaving finger-style guitars, complemented by Eric's mercurial bass guitar and Harry's flamboyant drumming (which was, by far, the most exciting part of the group's legendary live performances). The lush orchestrations of Alan Lorber were another dominant part of Orpheus' records.

The term "Sunshine Pop" was coined to describe this type of music, performed not only by Orpheus but by several similar, contemporary groups as well. This was great stuff in its day, and is still much loved by older fans. The music of the fourth album was a bit "darker" in comparison, but still fell within the overall parameters of the genre.

Orpheus Reborn has no interest in, or intention of, attempting to relive the 1960s. With this in mind, any songs that were recorded by the original group have been completely rearranged, and new material written to fit into an edgier, grittier, more contemporary groove. As Harry said recently "We want to put 'more meat on the bone' - a lot of this stuff really smokes!" Many of the new songs have substantially more social relevance as well, and span a variety of musical genres from down-and-dirty rock through country, "jug band" styles, jazz and beautiful ballads.

"We have far more capability now than we did with the old Orpheus," said Steve. "Back then, we didn't even have a lead guitar, let alone six voices and all the percussive effects that Kathi brings. We're just beginning to scratch the surface of the possibilities!"

As mentioned above, Alan Lorber's orchestrations were a major part of Orpheus' original recordings. These were not present in the group's live performances. One of the goals of Orpheus Reborn is to be able to duplicate, on stage, anything that has been included in a recording. Therefore, the recorded music of Orpheus Reborn is, of necessity, earthier and somewhat less "sophisticated" than that of the original group. However, this difference actually contributes to its vitality.

Sorry about that, you fans of violins. No more "Sunshine Pop," thank you!

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