A New Group with an Illustrious Heritage

In the summer of 2004, an impromptu on-stage reunion of four veterans of Boston's seminal soft-rock group Orpheus (see "The Orpheus Legacy" - click on the link above) began the formation of a new, contemporary band whose music spans a variety of genres. Guitarist Jack McKennes, guitarist/harmonica player Stephen Martin, bass guitarist Eric Gulliksen (aka "the Snake"), and drummer Harry Sandler were later joined by renowned lead guitarist Robert Emmet Dunlap and extraordinary percussionist Kathi Taylor, to round out a six-person group. After a year of preparation the ensemble, now known as Orpheus Reborn, emerged with a fresh, new sound.

By no means should Orpheus Reborn be considered a "reunion" band or an "oldies" act. This is a new group that includes six friends, four of whom just happen to be former
members of Orpheus. Their music, individually and collectively, has evolved into styles
that are edgier, with a wide variety of colors. Live performances are characterized far
more by providing enjoyment and fun to audiences than by attempting to reproduce the precisely executed, but sometimes sterile, performances of the original group.
Instrumentals and harmonies are tight and solid but, unlike the original band, songs are
allowed - and encouraged - to morph and change on-the-spot.

Nevertheless, Orpheus Reborn is not a "jam band." Music includes ballads, hard rock,
blues, jazz, country, latin, reggae and ska, to name a few types, characterized by up to six parts of harmony and a mixture of finger- and flat-picked guitars, wailing harmonica, powerful melodic bass guitar and incredible percussion.

Despite their legacy, Orpheus Reborn is not "your father's Orpheus!"
Orpheus was then (sorry, old-timers ...)
Orpheus Reborn is NOW!

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