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Bob & Kathi's Irish band

Although Orpheus was known as a Boston group, nearly all of its members - and half of Orpheus Reborn - were originally from Worcester, MA. Congress Alley was in Worcester.
"Rock Baby Rock"
A History of early Worcester music

History of Worcester music, Part 2

The above two articles have been re-run in Worcester Magazine's
"30th Anniversary Edition, October 26, 2006. They've been expanded a bit, include more photos, and there are two more parts to the saga. The entire set is available online as three .pdf files. A nice photo of the Blue Echoes is in the first, with the accompanying text in the second. Orpheus and Steve's group Congress Alley are mentioned in the third.

They can be viewed here:
and here:

Candid Recollections from Eric Gulliksen
(appeared in "Lance Monthly," December, 2000)

Article on the original Orpheus in Wikipedia

The WABC 2000 Musicradio 77 Web Site All Time Favorite Hits
(check #25)

Paul "Blowfish" Lovell's
"Bosstown Sound" web page.
Check it out!

Alan Lewis' take
on the Bosstown Sound in his
New England Music Scrapbook.
Check this one out too.

From the Summer of Love to Bosstown: Part 2
article by Steven Ford Brown,
staff writer, Boston Music Spotlight

The Strange Case Of Steve Kaczorowski
by Patrick Lundborg
This is one of the most bizarre things we've found that relate to Orpheus.
You have to read this!!!

The and Borderline Books' Fuzz, Acid and Flowers web sites have gone to the "Big Internet in the Sky." We've reconstructed the appropriate pages, and incorporated them into our own site.

Orpheus: the Original Group (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

Harry Sandler (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

Robert Emmet Dunlap (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

The Mods (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

The Blue Echoes (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

The College Boys (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

Orpheus (broken link)
Reconstructed page is here

The Villagers (broken link)
It's brief, but the reconstructed page is here


We've summarized the national chart data for the recordings of the original Orpheus here, as well as provided links to the charts themselves where they are available. We've also scoured the web, found a whole bunch of local surveys from around the country, and provided links to those as well.

Click here to go to our Chart Data and Surveys page.


Lakota Kidz
People that could really use your help!

Bellevue Cadillac
INCREDIBLE show band!

Fascinating, deep site with all kinds of cool stuff,
run by Patrict the Lama

WMBR-FM, 88.1
Cambridge, MA

WADT-FM, 95.9
Marshfield, MA

Whatever happened to Dick Summer?
Dick was a top DJ from the mid-50s through the early 90s.
The Boston Sound was introduced on Dick Summer's Subway program
on WBZ in 1968. A true musical icon.

WORC-FM, 98.9 FM
Worcester's Oldies Station

Internet Radio

60s Garage Bands
Lots of interesting stuff.
Both Orpheus and Orpheus Reborn are covered -
poke around a bit.

The Birdz Sessions
An outstanding collaborative effort from veteran Central Massachusetts musicians. Snake has been a participant since March of 2007.
Well worth a listen!

WCUW, 91.3 FM
Listener-supported radio from Worcester

Multi-Service Music Librarian

Rob Watts, author;
The Sounds of Boston

Steve Nelson, photographer

Sherry (Rayn) Barnett Photography
Sherry is an extraordinary photographer from the West Coast,
and a former bandmate of Kathi Taylor.
Sherry was lead guitarist for the Mustangs.
You have to see these photos!

Suzanna Spring
Another former bandmate of Kathi's, and an incredible singer / songwriter. We just got a copy of her She's Got Your Heart CD, and it is absolutely fantastic (as we had expected). There are a lot of sound clips on her site that you must hear!

Lady Mercedes
Great band from Aberdeen, in the U.K.
Check 'em out at

The Music Museum of New England

Guitar Setup Tips
For the musicians out there. This site was created by Larry "Birdz" Vigneault who is not only an outstanding jazz guitarist but an accomplished luthier as well. Some GREAT information and links here!

turing test
Great band from Chelmsford, MA.
Check 'em out!

Clemente Music Studio
Outstanding center of Guitar Instruction;
home of friends Joe D'Angelo and Dan Hunt

The RocDox
Great Classic Rock & Soul band out of Charlotte, NC. Bassist is Rich Meighan, a former bandmate of the Snake.

Bergsten Music
Specialists in and providers of backline, pro audio and other equipment and services for professional musicians throughout the northeast.

Norman Schell
An old friend, founder of the Vanguard recording group Clean Living, and Steve's former bandmate in Martin, MacKay & Schell.

Turtle Olives
An old friend, Le-Roy Kirby, with a new business.

Walter "Bear" Zaremba and the BearBones Band
Great blues!

Norman Crump Studio Gallery
Reopened at a new location. Follow the link for details.

Rick, Andy & Judy
Peter, Paul & Mary tribute group.

Michael Gutierrez-May

Andy & Judy
Andy Daigle and Judy Neveu

Ms. Marci and the Lovesick Hounds
Marci Chevian-Hooper et al

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